EPA Employees: Speak With a F.F.E.B.A. Network Representative

In our ongoing commitment to Federal employees, we believe it’s crucial for EPA employees to fully understand their retirement benefits and Thrift Savings Plan options — especially those who may be faced with a Reduction In Force (RIF) notice.

That’s why we’re offering you the opportunity to speak with one of our F.F.E.B.A. Network Representatives and order your personalized TSP & Federal Benefits Analysis – completely free and with no-obligation.

Your Personalized Federal Benefit Analysis provides comprehensive retirement-planning information calculating:

  • Current and future values of your pension (annuity)
  • Present and future value of your TSP account
  • Estimated cost and coverage of your FEGLI
  • Analyzes the best election year for Social Security Benefits
  • Computes future income forecasts, your best tax strategy and more

BONUS: Free FEDweek Book

You’ll also have the opportunity to order your choice of one of the following FEDweek Books:

  • 2018 FERS Retirement Planning Guide
  • 2018 CSRS Retirement Planning Guide
  • Book Of Answers For Federal Employees And Retirees – New 5th Edition
  • 2018 Federal Employees Handbook
  • Thrift Savings Plan – New 5th Edition

Fill out the form today to request a F.F.E.B.A. Network Rerpresentative to contact you.